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TSChlorine Manufacturing Inc. has its own factory.

The company specializes in producing chlorine tablets and sells its products worldwide.

High concentration Chlorine Tablets

90% high concentration of active chlorine,

99.8% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione (Trichlor).

Competitive Price

While ensuring product quality, it offers more active chlorine at a lower cost

(compared to other brands).

Diverse Product Specifications

Available in slow-dissolving(200g, 20g), fast-dissolving(2g, 3.3g, 1g) tablets for customers to choose from.

More Stable Effectiveness

Reduces chlorine decomposition caused by UV radiation under direct sunlight and UV exposure.

OEM Service

Free label design and printing to be with your logo and design

Our Factory

Customers Testimonials

I am a swimming pool water cleaning service provider. The chlorine tablet products offered by this website have a very high cost-performance ratio. As a swimming pool water cleaning service provider, cost and the cleanliness of the water are important reasons for choosing this product. Highly recommended!


Pool Cleaning Service Provider

I am a swimming pool owner. The cleaning capability of the chlorine tablet product is very good. After using it, the swimming pool water is very clean and has no peculiar smell. Customers’ skin also doesn’t have any adverse experiences, and they really like the water in the swimming pool.


Swimming Pool Owner

Make the Water Cleaner

Eliminate bacteria, algae, and other organic pollutants to keep your pool exceptionally clear throughout the season.